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Hello! I am a doublebass player from germany, active in the fields of modern composed and improvised music and jazz. I hold a diploma in classical music performance while I used to be a 100% jazz musician before. I worked in some world music projects, orchestras with classical repertoire, and many projects concerned with modern classical music. As a result I feel inspired to improvise on ideas of modern composers – besides playing their literature itself.

Find some of my ensembles, bands and ex-projects and a list of collaborations on the „projects“ page.

Some dates and news:

interview talking about changes in life since scolarship „Präsenz vor Ort“ (german)

30..03.17 Essen – Solo – Kulturwoche Steele/ Friedenskirche

13.01. Essen – Gruppe Moment – laborbegegnungen#3

19.12. Essen – Gruppe Moment – laborbegegnungen#2

04.12. Essen – Gruppe Moment – laborbegegnungen#1 – Labor519

19.11. Duisburg – Fauré Requiem Ensemble Alexandre

09.09. Essen – öffentliche Interventionen Camatta,Askari,Hubweber u.a – NanoFestival

18.08. Mühlheim a.d.Ruhr – Druckman& K.Huber, C.Klipfel & E.Coudoux – Kunstmuseum

04.06. Dortmund – Sinfonieorchester, Rachmaninoff, Dvorac – Konzerthaus

08.05. Köln – Achtbrückenfestival – Uswolskaja, Fallah, Zimmermann – WDR Sendesaal

02.04. Essen – Gruppe Moment – Trivia – Galerie Alte Mitte

01.04. Essen – Gruppe Moment – Trivia – Eingangsfoyer Hauptbahnhof